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Two Chelmsford Street
Chelmsford, MA 01824
Chelmsford Center at the
corner of Rt. 110, Rt. 129
and Rt. 4.


From Route 495 South, take Exit 34 for Routes 110/4 [it is the first exit AFTER Rt. 3 North and South].  Take a right at the bottom of the exit.  After about 1/4 mile, there is a light, stay in the left lane and go straight thru the light.  After another 1/4 mile, you are at Chelmsford Center where you will find another light.  Turn right and park right in front of office.  The building is on a corner so that side of the building is 56 Central Square.  If there is no parking available in front of the building, go one block to the end of the next building, turn into the parking lot, go to end, take a left out of that parking lot and into the municipal parking lot and turn left. There are usually spaces in that section of the municipal parking lot.

From Route 495 North, take the exit for Route 4 South, towards Chelmsford Center, which is only a half mile away.  As you approach the center, you will see the town common on the right and the fire station on the left.  After the fire station, there is a law office and a small residential building, followed by a driveway with a one-way sign before the old town hall building.  Take that driveway, curl around the back of the old town hall and park on the other side.  You will be facing a small, single story building with many cute shops.  Our building is on the other side of that building, so walk in front of that building along Central Square to get to Chelmsford Street and our door is the first door on Chelmsford Street.  There are signs on the building.